RLSS UK Water Smart Instructor Application

RLSS UK has launched the Water Smart Award, an essential skill-based programme that achieves a foundation of knowledge to promote water competence for life. The award is open to everyone and will help us fulfil our ambition to educate everyone in water safety and ultimately reduce drownings across the UK & Ireland.

We’re excited to open applications to become a Water Smart Instructor for those that hold a relevant qualification with another organisation, these are listed in the process, which also includes information about:

  • The Water Smart Award – what’s involved in the award and who it’s aimed at
  • The Resources – the e-manual, syllabus and guidance, skill breakdown videos and other items to support delivery
  • Licencing – the process for certification and badges

Once your application has been approved and you have read the information, you will be given access to all Water Smart Award Instructor resources.