Pool to Pond Onboarding

As the popularity of open water swimming continues to rise, RLSS UK has responded by developing the Pool to Pond award.

Designed to help pool swimmers prepare for their journey into open water, the award recognises the need for a guided pathway to help, ensuring swimmers acquire basic information, develop the skills and fitness required to keep them safe, and make an effective transition between the two, very environments.

A Pool to Pond Instructor will take participants through a guided introduction to open water, outlining essential information on tides, hazards and depths, sharing top tips and teaching core skills.

If you hold a current Instructor or Teaching qualification with another organisation from the list below and would like to take your skills to the next level, you can become a Pool to Pond Instructor by completing our online application.

  • British Triathlon Coach with Open Water CPD
  • Level 2 Swim Teacher with Open Water Experience

Please note - Open Water Experience can include participation in open water events, open water CPD, membership to an open water swim group.